Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

How are your shampoo and conditioner bars different from traditional liquid products?
Liquid shampoo and conditioner contain up to 80% water in a bottle that’s only 9% likely to be recycled.  Our concentrated bars give you the power of ~3 medium bottles of salon quality product for a fraction of the cost without the plastic waste.  


How do I use a shampoo bar?  
It’s easy!  Swipe the bar over wet hair to apply.  Massage to lather from roots to ends.  Rinse thoroughly.  It doesn’t take much to get a head full of bubbles.  For best results follow with a Green Ablutions conditioner bar.  Bars last longest when stored in a cool/dry place and allowed to dry between uses.  


How do I use a conditioner bar?  
Swipe through hair under warm running water to allow product to melt into strands.  Massage or comb through and let saturate for 1-2 minutes.  Rinse or leave in for deeper conditioning.  Bars last longest when stored in a cool/dry place and allowed to dry between uses.


Are your shampoo bars made of soap?
No, our shampoo bars are made of gentle, coconut derived surfactants and natural oils for healthy, shiny hair.  It’s just like your favorite liquid shampoo without the water.  Soap is made when a chemical reaction occurs between lye (sodium or potassium hydroxide) and fats/oils.  Friends don’t let friends use soap on their hair.


Should I use an apple cider vinegar rinse?  Is there an adjustment period?
Not necessary! Since our bars are concentrated shampoo, not soap, they perform just like their liquid counterparts.  For extra luscious and tangle-free locks follow up each wash with a Green Ablutions conditioner bar.


How should I store my shampoo and conditioner bars?
For best results keep bars high and dry.  They should be out of standing water when not in use.  A well draining soap dish just outside the shower is ideal.  Your bars will last much longer when allowed to dry out between uses.  If your bars become mushy, place in a well draining soap dish for 2-3 days with plenty of airflow and they will firm back up.


Are your products safe for color-treated, permed or chemically relaxed hair?
Our products can be used on all hair types. 


Are your products just for women, men or space aliens?
Shampoo has no gender.  Our bars are made for everyone who enjoys clean hair and a clean environment. 


Packaging and Ingredients


How should I dispose of the packaging?  
Our products are designed to keep waste out of landfills and our oceans.  Here is a short (but not finite) list of things you can do with them.
  • Recycle!  Our packaging is created from recycled paper and printed with water based inks.  Paper can be recycled indefinitely so go ahead and send it on to a new life.  If the packaging has oil residue that would contaminate the batch, please pick another disposal method below!
  • Compost!  Our packaging is completely plastic-free, made from recycled paper and water based inks.  You can compost it at home or through a municipal option where available.
  • Plant seeds in them!  Plant the whole box right in the garden when you’re ready to move seedlings outside.
  • Make campfire starters!  Fill with dryer lint or shredded paper to get the party started.
  • Create handmade paper!  Soak the packaging in water until saturated and then puree in a blender.  Pour the puree over a screen and lay in the sun to dry.
  • The choices are endless!


    Do your products contain palm oil?
    Nope! While there are sources of sustainable palm oil we’re avoiding this controversial ingredient altogether in favor of other oils which are both better for you and the environment. 


    Do you use preservatives in your products?
    Our waterless formulations are naturally preservative free.


    Do you test on animals?
    No.  All our ingredients are cruelty free and vegan.


    Do your products contain sulfates?
    Our shampoo bars are made with sodium coco sulfate which is a gentle surfactant derived from coconuts.  “BUT MY FRIEND, GWYNETH, TOLD ME SULFATES ARE BAD!”  Just like not all fats are created equal (think bacon vs. avocado) not all sulfates are either.  Science has proven sodium coco sulfate is mild and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin but effective where it counts.


    Do your products contain gluten?
    Our conditioner bars contain wheat germ oil which is packed with vitamin e that softens and moisturizes hair.  Please do not eat our bars no matter how good they smell.


    Are your products clean?
    “Clean beauty” is a popular marketing term that’s being thrown around a lot lately.  The FDA, who regulates cosmetic products like shampoo and conditioner in the US, does not recognize or define this term.  Companies that use it make their own definition of “clean.”  Some use it to mean natural but natural doesn’t always mean safe (remember, arsenic and lead are natural too).  Most of the time “clean beauty” is used solely to justify a higher price.  All of our ingredients are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) meaning they’re approved by the FDA for cosmetic use and backed by years of safety data.  We don’t use anything in our products that we wouldn’t trust on our kids.  (Josh and Lucy love these bars, BTW.)

    Other Questions

    Where can I buy Green Ablutions products? 
    Check out the ‘Find Us Here’ page for retail locations carrying our products.  Not all items are available at every store.  Please call the store to confirm before heading out.  All products are also available from our shop at greenablutions.com.


    Do you offer samples?
    No, but from time to time we may drop a bonus item in your shipment if we’re testing new products.  Be sure to sign up for emails and be on the lookout for product testing requests.


    How do you ship your products?
    We proudly ship via USPS throughout the USA.  At this time we do not ship internationally but please join our mailing list to receive future updates as we expand.  Please see our shipping policy for more information.


    Do you charge sales tax?
    Sales tax will be charged to all Pennsylvania residents.