Waterproof Travel Set

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On a plane, on a train, in the car or wherever you are! You can put anything you'd like in these tins but we kind of hope you fill them with our shampoo and conditioner bars! They are rust resistant and perfectly sized to keep your bars safe as you travel to the gym or to the tropics.

Set contains (1) shampoo bar container and (1) conditioner bar container.  Bars sold separately.

For best results, allow bars to dry thoroughly before storing.

Customer Reviews

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A'Lease S.
Not Thrilled About Two Different Sizes

The set is adequate. However, I do not like that the products (shampoo & conditionar bars) are the same size, but the containers are sized differently. They do not stack, so having one being twice as big as necessary, but NOT large enought to fit two bars seems....poorly designed.

Poonam H.
I think they are very useful and convenient.

Love the sizes, they are perfect!

Elizabeth G.
Great product

I had trouble with the set initially. After loading the bars in, I was unable to open the shampoo case and unable to close the conditioner.
Now that I’ve worn down the conditioner and someone helped me open the shampoo, I’m back in action and love this for traveling!

Thick wavy hair

The shampoo worked great on my hair, but the conditioner did not.

Perfect gift for a camper

I gave this to someone who frequently chaperones Girl Scouts' camping trips. With two daughters, she will certainly be lending it to them, too. Of course, I included Green Ablutions soap and shampoo.